A sudden heart thump, is it a heart attack? The causes have been summarized, self-examination
Was chatting with others, suddenly felt a heart thump, feel that moment the heart no longer beating, the whole chest have a sense of pressure, but onl…… Heart disease Coronary heart disease Hypertension Knowledge changes lives Cardiovascular disease
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Heart lesion, breathing prophet! Shortness of breath without a cause, or a weakened and weak heart
(Disclaimer: This article is for scientific use only, in order to protect the privacy of patients, the information in the following content has been p…… Heart disease Medicine Knowledge changes lives Acupuncture points Sleep taking millions of bacteria Genetics
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Is having an STD sexual misconduct? Nonsense! 5 misconceptions about it to correct
STDs are diseases that are transmitted through sexual intercourse, so a large percentage of people associate STDs with sexual misconduct and feel that…… Gonorrhea Syphilis Knowledge changes lives Swimming AIDS bed bugs
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What do you know about AIDS?
Today is the 34th World AIDS Day and this year's theme is "Life First End AIDS Health Equality". Dr. Park Jian Yun, deputy director…… AIDS Drugs Infectious diseases pregnancy Knowledge changes lives breastfeeding
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Is AIDS really that scary?
Many people stay away from people with AIDS, so today we will talk about HIV. Generally speaking, the blood, semen, vaginal secretions, breast milk, a…… AIDS childbirth breastfeeding newborn Her health family happiness Knowledge changes lives Genetics
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Reminder: these 6 chronic diseases, easy to induce cardiovascular disease, can not be left unattended
Cardiovascular disease is now the main disease that threatens human health and life safety, and the current high incidence of cardiovascular disease…… Cardiovascular disease Diabetes Hypertension Osteoporosis Knowledge changes lives sleeping with millions of germs
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It & quot;tolerated" to the end, our health is irrevocable
The liver is the largest digestive gland in the body It is also the center of metabolism in the body But it is very good at & quot;patience"…… Hepatitis B Hepatitis C Medicine Fatty liver Liver cancer Medical checkups Knowledge changes lives Supplements Hepatitis A Sleeping with millions of bacteria World Health Organization
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What tests should I go to the hospital for if I suspect I have an STD? These 5 types of tests to understand
STDs are diseases that are transmitted through sexual intercourse. There are light and heavy types of STDs, but they will undoubtedly all affect peopl…… Syphilis Gonorrhea AIDS Gonococcus Knowledge changes lives
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10 things people with high blood pressure need to know
According to statistics, the prevalence of hypertension among adults in China is 25.2%, with 270 million patients and 2 million deaths related to hype…… Hypertension cerebral hemorrhage Medicine Knowledge changes lives Hypotension Uremia
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