Tummy ache is eating bad stomach? Not necessarily, but also alert to these 6 disease factors

Tummy pain is a common problem, mainly in the trunk area of the body, and most people are unable to identify the specific area of pain and therefore c……
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Heart lesion, breathing prophet! Shortness of breath without a cause, or a weakened and weak heart

(Disclaimer: This article is for scientific use only, in order to protect the privacy of patients, the information in the following content has been p……
Heart disease medicine knowledge changes lives acupuncture points sleep taking millions of bacteria genetics

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Disease in the body, the heart prophet? If there are 7 abnormalities in the body, it is a signal for the heart to call for help

Myocardial infarction is a relatively serious cardiovascular disease that may even take the life of the patient if not treated promptly and effectivel……
Myocardial infarction coronary heart disease hypotension emergency medicine surgery bicentennial

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Is a "big heart" a good thing? Doctors say straight: heart enlargement, and cardiovascular disease related

Hello everyone I am Dr. Huang Zhaoqi, today, let me talk to you about the enlarged heart. We see the picture showing two different hearts, one of a no……
Cardiovascular disease heart disease hypertension coronary heart disease medicine

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A sudden "thump" of the heart, is it a heartbeat or ......

Q What is the sudden "thump" of the heart? The normal heartbeat is regular, and the intervals between each heartbeat are basically e……
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8 "body self-examination" method, at home to detect potential body problems

As the saying goes, the body is the essence of health. A healthy body is especially important for people of any age group. Whether a person is healthy……
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Morning Reading丨On August 2, focus on health every day

Health ReminderA small amount of pelvic fluid can be absorbed on its own, no need to worry Many people panic when they are found to have pelvic fluid ……
patchouli hypertension stroke universal health dou up celiac disease medicine health Chinese medicine sleep a million large bacteria mouth ulcers physical examination first aid pelvic inflammatory disease

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