Illustrations of the popular knowledge of hypertension ~ worth collecting

What is hypertension? What are the basic symptoms of hypertension? What is the difference between the two types of hypertension? Can hypertension be c……
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To take care of the heart, life should start from two aspects, do not worry about heart problems after

The heart is an important organ of the human body, once the heart problems will undoubtedly life safety will also be affected, although age and geneti……
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Women have no gynecological disease, from the underwear will be able to know

In recent years, people's eating habits and living habits are not very good, which leads to a variety of diseases in the body, women are more ……
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Morning Reading丨July 30, focus on health every day

[Medical Discovery].Increased intake of carbohydrates reduces risk of depression A recent paper published in Nature Human Behavior explored the effect……
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Do not think that a headache is a cold, headache is divided into 5 major types, be alert

Most people have had headaches, which are a neurological condition that in many cases is not only a headache, but may also be accompanied by fever, na……
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