News 1+1丨China's chronic diseases are quietly changing, do you know these?

The whole year 2020Almost the eyes of the worldare focused on the new crown pneumoniaThis is also a wake-up call for usDon't ignoreother diseases that……
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8 "body self-examination" method, at home to detect potential body problems

As the saying goes, the body is the essence of health. A healthy body is especially important for people of any age group. Whether a person is healthy……
Prostate medical checkup knowledge changes life cancer medicine osteoporosis

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Promoting health in old age starts with disease prevention

In order to promote the health China strategy and actively respond to the national strategy of population aging, promote the popularization of health ……
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Morning Reading丨July 19, focus on health every day

[Health AlertSummer symptoms suspected of heatstroke alert heart attack It is the height of summer, the appearance of suspected heatstroke symptoms to……
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45 healthy lifestyle healthy 1years ago
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