A sudden heart thump, is it a heart attack? The causes have been summarized, self-examination

Was chatting with others, suddenly felt a heart thump, feel that moment the heart no longer beating, the whole chest have a sense of pressure, but onl……
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Disease in the body, the heart prophet? If there are 7 abnormalities in the body, it is a signal for the heart to call for help

Myocardial infarction is a relatively serious cardiovascular disease that may even take the life of the patient if not treated promptly and effectivel……
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After autumn, the heart has "three fears", each of which may "take a life", the elderly should pay particular attention to

In August, although it is already autumn, but most of China is still in the summer heat, some hot weather easily triggered diseases, such as brain inf……
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Is a "big heart" a good thing? Doctors say straight: heart enlargement, and cardiovascular disease related

Hello everyone I am Dr. Huang Zhaoqi, today, let me talk to you about the enlarged heart. We see the picture showing two different hearts, one of a no……
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Health Class|No need to worry too much about occasional premature heartbeat

In recent times, Ms. Wang often had palpitations, as if her heart thumped to a halt, and sometimes there was a feeling of falling, very uncomfortable,……
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