More than 180 million of the elderly in China suffer from chronic diseases, and experts suggest strengthening active immunization for the middle-aged and elderly.

In order to strengthen the awareness of disease prevention and management of the middle-aged and elderly, and promote active immunity of the middle-ag……
Chi Chunhua director of the general practice department of the first Hospital of Peking University and chairman of the General Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association influenza vaccine and herpes zoster vaccine to further improve the management of chronic diseases. Take the initiative to prevent diseases in advance. In addition the elderly can further activate the immune system through balanced nutrition keeping a happy mood good living habits and moderate exercise to achieve active health management.Chi Chunhua also said that the community health service center as a health housekeeper around the people can provide the public with services such as chronic disease management vaccination and related professional consultation and play a gatekeeper role in the health of residents with the integration of medical treatment and prevention Take herpes zoster as an example the incidence of herpes zoster has increased significantly in people over 50 years old. There are about 1.56 million new cases of herpes zoster among people aged 50 and over in China every year. Compared with the general population patients with diabetes chronic kidney disease cardiovascular disease chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and rheumatoid arthritis have an increased risk of developing herpes zoster. Among them the risk of developing herpes zoster in patients with diabetes increased by 84%. Post herpetic neuralgia.Liu Xiaohong chief physician of the Department of Geriatrics at Peking Union Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

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A sudden heart thump, is it a heart attack? The causes have been summarized, self-examination

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Is it really healthier to drink sugar-free beverages?

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