Gynecological problems, the white belt first found? These 5 kinds of leucorrhea, indicating gynecological disease to come

The incidence of gynecological diseases in recent years is getting higher and higher, many women in life are suffering, or some gynecological diseases……
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Guideline Consensus丨How is the perioperative management of patients with cardiac electronic implant devices?

This guidelineprovides practical guidance for the perioperative management of patients undergoing surgery who also have CIEDs. An increasing number of……
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News 1+1丨China's chronic diseases are quietly changing, do you know these?

The whole year 2020Almost the eyes of the worldare focused on the new crown pneumoniaThis is also a wake-up call for usDon't ignoreother diseases that……
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It's public holiday season, please take this health guide

  With the hot summer sun, you workers happy public holiday season is also here, you may have made early travel plans or have been on the journey, in ……
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Drop, this health tip has been received ~

Health Tips Health for everyone is of vital importance. In our daily life We need to know some health tips and Learn to live a healthy life. Let healt……
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Healthy living starts with daily diet and nutrition, please take this diet guide for the elderly →

This year's theme is "Improving Nutrition for the Elderly and Promoting Health in the Elderly", with a focus on the nutritional heal……
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