Three minutes to give you a comprehensive understanding of why people get kidney disease

The number of patients coming to the clinic to see kidney disease is getting younger and younger. When these young people are first diagnosed with kid……
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Morning Reading丨On August 2, focus on health every day

Health ReminderA small amount of pelvic fluid can be absorbed on its own, no need to worry Many people panic when they are found to have pelvic fluid ……
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Drug-related liver injury is becoming a "hidden killer" of health

"Among all hospitalized liver disease patients, more than 1 out of every approximately 10 liver disease patients suffer from drug-related liv……
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Want a healthy body? Why not take advantage of 3 healthy living methods to improve the body's immune system

Do you want a healthy body that doesn't get sick? Many people want to be healthy, but the key to support such a goal is the body's immune system, whic……
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Do you know the "seven taboos" in daily life to protect our kidneys?

In our daily life, many bad habits accumulate over time is very easy to cause kidney disease, today we will talk about which bad habits in life need t……
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How can you tell if you have liver disease? These 4 methods can be used to confirm the diagnosis

Liver disease is now a highly prevalent disease, and many people are understandably afraid of developing it. There are many ways to determine liver di……
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Hypertension|Zhang Yuqin Science Lecture

Hypertension1. What is hypertension?Hello dear friends, I am your TCM friend, Dr. Zhang, and today I am talking to you about what is hypertension?Theo……
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