Important reminder! 18 health and safety knowledge that everyone should know, which can save lives at critical moments.

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Health is not only free from disease or weakness, but even there are too many misunderstandings in the common sense of safe first aid. Many people begin to take medicine frequently as soon as they have symptoms, but drug overlap does not have the effect of 1: 1 > 2, but overdose may cause liver injury, so do not increase the dose and frequency at will. Alcohol spraying is the most common method of disinfection in most homes, and the most economical method of disinfection is window ventilation, which can minimize the number of viruses in the air. Only 40.6% of families have the habit of checking medicine boxes regularly. The drugs in the medicine box should be classified according to the health status of family members, age and other factors, and people with kidney disease and people who are taking potassium-preserving drugs should be avoided. When the body temperature rises rapidly, it is prone to loss of consciousness, limb convulsions, or foaming at the mouth. At this time, you must not pinch people and try to make the child regain consciousness. You should put the child in a stable place in time.

In the Organization Act of 1946, the World Health Organization put forward a point of view:

Health is not only the absence of disease or weakness, but also the perfect form of physical health, mental health and social practice.

In other words, a completely healthy person not only has a healthy body and a healthy consciousness, but also needs to master the basic concept of health.

This is not only responsible for your own health, but also responsible for the health of others.

But in fact, most people still have too many misunderstandings about healthy, scientific, and even safe first aid.

So, here are 18 health tips that everyone should know. Please read them patiently.

Life is full of surprises, perhaps in exchange for a person's chance to survive at a critical moment.

Recently, more and more people are hoarding drugs, and many people begin to take medicine frequently as soon as they develop symptoms, or they think they are too big to increase the dose without authorization.

However, drug overlap does not have the effect of 1: 1 > 2 as imagined, on the contrary, there is a risk of 1: 1 > 2.

In addition to causing drug allergies, mixing drugs may also lead to these adverse drug reactions.

For example, many cold medicines contain acetaminophen, which is not a problem if used in small doses, but overdoses may cause liver damage and, in serious cases, lead to acute liver failure and life-threatening.

When taking drugs at home, you must carefully read the drug instructions, or ask the doctor, do not increase the dose and frequency at will.

Alcohol spraying is the most common method of disinfection in most families. however, spraying alcohol in a large area is very dangerous in the event of open fire, on the other hand, it is also wasteful.

The most economical method of disinfection is to open windows for ventilation, which can be opened 2 to 3 times a day for about half an hour each time, which can minimize the number of viruses in the air.

For bathrooms, kitchens and other relatively damp and closed rooms, you can wipe them with chlorine-containing disinfectant or 75% alcohol.

However, in daily home disinfection, it is recommended to give priority to physical methods.

Frequent cleaning, more ventilation, more drying bedding, high-temperature cooking tableware, are good disinfection methods.

Important reminder! 18 health and safety knowledge that everyone should know, which can save lives at critical moments.

Studies have shown that only 40.6% of families have the habit of checking medicine boxes regularly.

But in fact, drugs have a shelf life, it is best to check the family medicine box every six months.

The drugs in the medicine box should be classified according to the health status, age and other factors of the family members, such as children's medicine and adult medicine separately, internal medicine and topical medicine separately.

And remember, do not throw away the packing boxes and instructions of the medicine, so as to check the production date and the ingredients of the drug.

The healthy China Action (2019-2030) advocates that the per capita daily salt intake should be no more than 5 grams.

Salt is not only an indispensable condiment for our daily cooking, but also an important substance to maintain the normal function of the human body.

However, compared with ordinary salt, low-sodium and potassium-rich salt replaces part of sodium salt with potassium salt, and the sodium content is only 60% to 70% of that of ordinary salt, which helps to reduce high blood pressure and supplement potassium.

It is worth noting, however, that people who have kidney disease and are taking potassium-preserving drugs should avoid.

As the saying goes, an old man grows old first.

Knee joint, as one of the largest and most frequently used joints in our body, bears the heavy pressure on the body every day, and the probability of wear and tear is also the greatest, so it is urgent to protect the knee.

The easiest way, you can try squatting against the wall every day, imagine yourself sitting on the chair, back against the wall, feet as wide as shoulders, calves perpendicular to the ground as far as possible, 90 degrees for body, thigh and calf.

Stand up after holding for 5: 10 seconds, repeat several times, and hold on until you are out of strength.

The posture of squatting against the wall really has a lot of benefits, making the knee joint more stable and stronger, which is very suitable for people who are sedentary and do not like exercise.

Febrile convulsions often occur in children from 6 months to 5 years old, whose brain is not yet fully developed, and are prone to loss of consciousness, limb convulsions, or foaming at the mouth when their body temperature rises rapidly.

At this time, you must not try to make the child regain consciousness or forcibly give antipyretic medicine.

The child should be placed in a stable place in time, lie on his side as far as possible, and then remove oral and nasal secretions with wet towels or towels to keep the respiratory passage open and prevent asphyxiation caused by saliva and vomit.

Most of the seizures are transient, and the attack time is mostly within 5 minutes. When the convulsion time is more than 5 minutes and there is no sign of stopping, you must see a doctor in time.

Stampede accidents usually occur in dense crowds, or on some special occasions, such as festivals, large-scale events, and so on.

How to avoid danger in case of crowds and chaos? Adhere to the formula of "three wants" and "four nots":

Three things: to run, to hide, and to be steady

Four do not: do not shout, do not retrograde, do not squat, do not suffocate.

If you are unfortunately held and pushed down by the flow of people, you can quickly hold a virtual fist to protect the back of the head and neck when you fall, while lying on your side urgently, curling up into a ball, leaving enough space for your chest to breathe independently, and then find a chance to get out of danger.

But the most effective way to prevent a stampede is not to join the party.

In life, both infants and adults may face the risk of choking their throats with foreign bodies.

Once the airway is blocked, it will cause shortness of breath and lack of oxygen in the brain, leaving little time for rescue.

Therefore, everyone should learn the Heimlich method of first aid, which can save children's lives as well as their own.

Suitable for adults

1. Stand behind the patient

two。 Surround the patient's waist with both hands from behind, clenching a fist in one hand between the lower edge of the ribs and the navel, and grasping the fist with the other.

3. Quickly inward and upward pressure to form an impact air flow, will block the trachea, throat food lump, etc.; repeat the above techniques until the foreign body is pushed out.

Suitable for children over 2 years old

1. Behind the child, put your hands between the child's belly button and sternum, clenching your fist with one hand and covering your fist with the other

two。 Tighten your arms hard and press the child's chest instantly

3. Continue to squeeze several times until the blockage of the trachea is released.

Suitable for infants and young children under 1 year old

1. An opponent grabs the child's mandible and puts his arm against the child's chest

two。 Hold the baby with one hand, face down, on the rescuer's knee.

3. Pat the baby on the back 5 times between the shoulder blades, and then correct the baby.

4. In the lower half of the sternum, press the chest with the index finger and middle finger for 5 times.

5. Repeat the above action until something comes out.

Whenever you have a cold, fever, gastrointestinal discomfort, or early recovery from a serious illness, there is always a rule in the doctor's advice: eat a light diet.

So many people subconsciously do not eat meat, oil and salt, resulting in not only a decline in physique, but also more likely to be attacked by the virus.

In fact, a scientific light diet is not equal to clear soup and little water, the key lies in less oil, less sugar, less salt.

With reasonable nutrition, fish, meat, eggs, milk, miscellaneous grains, vegetables and fruits should be taken into account.

If you accidentally get scalded, what remedies do you know: apply soy sauce, toothpaste, red potion, and apply egg white.

Note that all of the above are not advisable!

Blindly believing in folk remedies will not only bring a lot of difficulties to doctors in debridement, but also may cause secondary infection.

For mild burns, be sure to rinse with a lot of cold water at the first time to reduce further thermal damage.

Deep scald or enlarged wound area has only five words: go to the hospital immediately.

When many people take antihypertensive and hypoglycemic drugs, once the condition is stable, they think that the drug has already worked, or the disease has been cured, so they stop the medicine without authorization.

But in fact, most chronic diseases are controllable, but cannot be cured.

In addition to taking medicine to control blood pressure and blood sugar within the normal range, the main purpose is to prevent various complications and avoid more serious problems.

Therefore, do not think that you do not take medicine or reduce the amount of medicine when you are well. You must follow the doctor's advice.

Iron is not only a necessary trace element for the human body, but also a necessary element for the formation of red blood cells, so many women like to eat red dates and drink red sugar water to tonify the blood.

But in fact, red dates and brown sugar are not high-quality foods to supplement iron. The iron content in dried red dates is about 2mg / 4mg / 100g, while 96.6% of brown sugar is sugar.

If you want to supplement iron, you might as well eat more lean red meat, blood products and animal liver.

Soup is essential at the Chinese table, especially in the cold weather. Many people believe that the longer the ingredients are cooked, the higher the nutrients dissolved, the more nourishing the soup will be.

But studies have shown that whether meat or fish, after a long time of stewing will produce a lot of fat and purine.

The whiter the soup you see, the more fat will float on it.

But the truth is this, but the soup is really delicious.

So the most scientific way to eat is not only to drink soup, but also to eat meat. The protein in meat is higher and the variety of amino acids is more abundant.

Everyone knows how dangerous rabies is, with a fatality rate of nearly 100%.

However, after many people are scratched and bitten by animals, when they see that there are only tooth marks and scratches, they take a fluke and feel that there is no need to deal with them.

But in fact, even if the pet has been vaccinated with rabies vaccine, after being bitten and scratched, there is still a risk of virus invasion.

The incubation period of human rabies ranges from 5 days to several years, and the incubation period is related to the virulence of the virus and the nerve distribution of the invading site.

For the sake of safety, rabies vaccine must be given if it is necessary.

The matter of defecation is neither big nor small. Although it is not as grand as financial freedom and the desire to travel around the world, it will still affect the mood if it does not defecate smoothly in a few days.

However, this matter is not urgent, for ordinary people, whether it is three times a day or once every three days is normal.

As long as defecation is regular, shape and color are normal, don't worry too much.

Speaking of snoring, many wives have something to say that they can't sleep well all night and want to kick him down.

But in fact, husbands are also miserable, not only affect the emotional concept of husband and wife, poor mental state during the day, drowsiness, dizziness and fatigue.

Slight snoring is a normal physiological phenomenon, but if there is strong, irregular snoring, or even frequent waking up, you should pay attention to it. You are likely to suffer from sleep apnea syndrome and need to be consulted in time.

How to deal with leftovers is a worry for many housewives.

In the mainstream view, the food should wait until it is cold before putting it in the refrigerator, otherwise the refrigerator work needs to consume more energy, which is easy to cause refrigerator damage in the long run.

But in fact, on the contrary, waiting for the food to cool is also a good time for bacteria to develop their skills, especially in summer, when bacteria double every 20 minutes.

So whether to consume more electricity or go to the hospital more often, I believe you already have a choice in mind.

There is a set of research data:

A person's head weighs about 5kg. He usually looks down at the phone at an angle of 60 °. Under the action of lever and gravity, the weight of the neck muscles can reach more than 25kg.

This is why Phubber is usually more prone to a variety of cervical spondylosis.

So, if you are looking at your phone now, you can hold your phone high and 10cm level with your eyes.

If you want to lie down and play with your cell phone, there is only one important point. Be sure to hold on to it.

I was very impressed when I saw a sentence:

The older you get, the more you realize the importance of health. Because difficulties and desires are really not worth mentioning in front of life, only a healthy life can take a turn for the better.

Behind all the accidents in life, in fact, it is probability, and once it happens to yourself, the consequence is 100%.

As "the first person responsible for one's own health", we must be vigilant, understand and learn basic health and safety knowledge, which can really save lives at critical moments.

Finally, if this article is useful to you, please be sure to forward it to remind your family and friends.

The new year is coming soon, and I hope everyone will be safe and successful.

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