There are 15 common "healthy consumption traps" in which many people are trapped without knowing it!

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Fruits and vegetables are low-fat foods, and extra sugar will be added to improve the taste. In the process of making dried fruits such as blueberries, cranberries and kiwifruit, sugar-free food means that sugar-free foods do not add white granulated sugar, glucose, fructose, maltose and so on. Absolutely sugar-free foods do not exist. (carbohydrates) will eventually become glucose after digestion and decomposition. Therefore, the sugar intake of food such as steamed bread and rice has not been completely reduced, although sugar-free food does not add sugar. But may add glucose syrup, maltodextrin and so on, some seasonings are also titled for children to eat? But in fact, compared with the sodium content of ordinary soy sauce, Guan Yang, chief dietitian of the Nutrition Department of the Rocket Army characteristic Medical Center of the people's Liberation Army, said in an article in the Health Times in 2020 that "most children's foods on the market are actually not much different from those eaten by adults." choose foods with natural ingredients at the top (such as milk, eggs, fruits, etc.) and children's milk powder as ordinary food.

Many businesses seize on the psychology of everyone's health needs and produce a lot of food and goods under the banner of "health preservation".... But the truth is: most of us are deceived by names! Many people are caught in these most common "healthy consumption traps" without knowing it!

I. the "trap" of diet and nutrition

1. Are dried fruits and vegetables nutritious? High fat content!

Shu Lanting, a national second-class public dietitian, said in an article in the Health Times in 2015 that the "dehydration of dried fruits and vegetables" mainly uses low-temperature frying to dry fresh fruits and vegetables, allowing oil to seep into the fruits and vegetables, so when the fruits and vegetables are dry, it will also greatly increase the fat content and increase its crisp taste.

Generally speaking, fruits and vegetables are low-fat foods with a fat content of less than 1%, but after deep-frying and dehydration, their fat content can be as high as 10% to 15%. And most dried fruits and vegetables in the production, in order to improve the taste of extra sugar, blueberries, cranberries, kiwifruit and other fruits into dried fruit, if not added sugar, the taste will not be so sweet. one

two。 Can you eat more sugar-free food? That's not a lot of calories!

Yu Wanting, a nutritionist in the nutrition department of the third people's Hospital in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, said in an article in the Health Times in 2020 that sugar-free foods do not add white granulated sugar, glucose, fructose, maltose and so on. In other words, this sugar-free food does not contain "sugar", the staple food itself is the source of sugar, absolutely sugar-free food does not exist!

Most of the common sugar-free foods, such as sugar-free biscuits, are made of carbohydrates such as flour. After eating them, (carbohydrates) will eventually turn into glucose after digestion and decomposition. Therefore, the sugar intake of steamed bread, rice and other foods has not been completely reduced.

If you take a closer look at the list of ingredients, you will find that although sugar-free foods do not add sucrose, they may add glucose syrup and maltodextrin, and these substances will also produce glucose after hydrolysis, with no less calories. two

3. Are children's condiments healthier? Many products are not much different from adults!

Some condiments are also eaten by children, such as children's soy sauce and children's meat floses. many parents like it as "low-salt" and "low-sodium", but in fact, it is not much different from the sodium content of ordinary soy sauce.

Guan Yang, chief dietitian of the Nutrition Department of the Rocket Army characteristic Medical Center of the people's Liberation Army, said in an article in the Health Times in 2020 that most children's foods on the market are actually not much different from those eaten by adults, except for some very few nutritious elements. the most important feature is to attract children in terms of taste, packaging, and so on.

When parents choose and buy, first of all, they should look at the list of nutrition ingredients and ingredients, and choose the food in front of the natural raw materials (such as milk, eggs, fruit, etc.), and the order of condiments is better and better (such as sugar, salt, etc.). Finally, a very simple rule is not to buy a list of ingredients that is too long. three

4. Can grow tall milk powder increase? Suspected of false propaganda!

Many businesses grasp the psychology of parents, under the banner of "heightening" and "promoting", launch children's milk powder that claims to grow taller. However, experts pointed out that "grow tall milk powder" is suspected of false propaganda.

Wang Dingmian, former executive director of China Dairy Association and president of Guangzhou Dairy Association, said in an interview with the Information Times in 2022 that at present, the state does not have a unified industry standard for children's milk powder, but there are relevant requirements and regulations in product publicity. If the words "help to grow taller or intelligent" and "promote height development" are written on the product publicity page, it should be regarded as non-standard and forbidden behavior, which is inappropriate and unreasonable. four

"Children's milk powder is neither a health food nor a medicine. At present, an enterprise in the market has committed illegal and illegal acts in publicity. " Zhu Danpeng, an analyst of China's food industry, said in an interview with the Information Times in 2022 that children's milk powder, as an ordinary food, cannot promote its efficacy. Article 38 of the regulations on the implementation of the Food Safety Law clearly stipulates that food other than health food shall not be claimed to have health care function. four

5. Healthy rice is more nutritious? No need!

Selenium-rich rice, high-calcium rice, bamboo rice, apple rice and so on, these are the so-called health rice. The price of these rice is relatively expensive, some even as high as 20 or 30 yuan per jin.

Wang Guizhen, a national first-class dietitian and president of the Weifang City dietitian Association in Shandong Province, pointed out in an article in the Health Times in 2018 that the various effects of health rice advertised by businesses are in fact similar to the principles of fortified flour.

For example, selenium-rich rice is artificially added selenium to rice. As long as the selenium content in rice exceeds 40 μ g / kg, it can be called "selenium-rich rice". The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that normal adults should eat 50 micrograms of selenium a day in order to meet the needs of the human body. And the main food source of selenium is not plant food, but seafood and animal food, such as meat, liver, kidney and so on. Selenium belongs to trace elements, which may cause poisoning if the human body ingests too much.

We eat rice to meet the body's demand for staple food, which is the greatest role of rice and rice. If you want to eat rice healthily, there is no need to believe in "healthy rice". In accordance with the "Dietary guidelines for Chinese residents" to reasonably arrange their own dietary structure, to ensure a variety of food, you can get more nutrients. five

Photo by Cao Zihao, Health Times

Second, the "trap" of daily necessities

1. No silicone oil shampoo to prevent hair loss? There is no medical theory!

The price of silicone oil-free shampoo is generally higher than that of ordinary shampoo. Is silicone oil-free shampoo really of better quality than silicone oil-containing shampoo?

Xu Huizhen, chief physician of dermatology at Wuhan Puai Hospital, reported in the Health Times in 2015 that silicone oil is insoluble in water, and long-term cleaning may lead to blockage of hair follicles on the scalp. But this does not mean that scalp damage or hair loss is directly caused by silicone oil, mental tension, depression, endocrine disorders and some diseases can all cause hair loss.

There is no medical saying that the use of "silicone oil-free" shampoo can prevent hair loss. Moreover, as long as you wash your hair every time you wash your scalp, and try not to use the same shampoo for a long time, you can avoid this flaw in silicone oil. six

two。 Radiation protection maternity clothes to protect pregnant women? It's not that useful!

Now, radiation-proof maternity wear has become a necessary product for pregnant mothers during pregnancy. But it is not as useful as advertised.

Fan Ling, Department of Perinatal Medicine at Beijing Obstetrics and Obstetrics Hospital, said in the Health Times in 2016 that radiation in life is complex, not single, and not in the same direction. There are sources of radiation in front and back, left and right. In this state, the radiation is reflected in the anti-radiation suit, and the signal is collected by the anti-radiation suit, increasing the amount of radiation in the anti-radiation suit. seven

3. Anti-fatigue glasses to relieve eye fatigue? The gimmick of the merchant!

Zhai Changbin, chief physician of the ophthalmic refractive group of Beijing Tongren Hospital, said in an article in the Health Times in 2014 that anti-fatigue glasses are just a gimmick. whether wearing glasses is tired or not depends on the accuracy of the glasses on the one hand and the time of using the eyes on the other. If the degree of the mirror is not accurate, or if you use your eyes for a long time, your eyes will still be tired.

There are 15 common

If you really want to alleviate eye fatigue, you should still pay attention to eye hygiene. Getting up and blinking for an hour with your eyes can effectively relieve fatigue. eight

Photo by Cao Zihao, Health Times

4. Is female care liquid / lotion more hygienic? Affect the health of the flora!

In the numerous advertisements for health products and sanitary products, you can see all kinds of private care solution / lotion. However, in the gynecology clinic, we can see that after some women use some nursing solution / lotion, the original problems have not been solved, but new problems have emerged.

Tan Xianjie, chief physician of obstetrics and gynecology at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, said in an article published in 2017 that the vagina is not a sterile environment, but a harmonious coexistence of many kinds of bacteria. Most of them are beneficial bacteria, mainly Lactobacillus, which can maintain the weakly acidic environment of the vagina and inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria.

Lactobacillus is fragile, and if you often rinse the vagina with a bactericidal lotion, it will be the first to get hurt. The number of harmful bacteria is small, but it is resistant to the lotion, which may cause trouble once it survives. In addition, some people will be allergic to lotions, resulting in vulvar allergic dermatitis. Therefore, vaginal irrigation is not recommended unless it is medically necessary. nine

5. Are quantum products good for the human body? There is no scientific basis!

Many people find a new word "quantum technology" in online shopping, and the functions of these "quantum products" are claimed to be "amazing".

Liao Han, an associate professor at the School of Information Science and Engineering at Hunan University who has studied quantum technology for many years, pointed out in an interview with Changsha Evening News in 2022 that most of the "quantum products" sold on e-commerce platforms actually have nothing to do with real quantum. For example, quantum water cups, quantum glasses, quantum insoles and so on, their advertisements often promote the various benefits of quantum products to the human body, such as enhancing human immunity, activating cells, relieving fatigue, and so on, which have no scientific basis.

Generally speaking, quantum science and technology is still in the stage of basic theoretical research and experimental research, which is still far away from our life. ten

Third, the "trap" of household electrical appliances

1. Can the fat thrower lose weight quickly? It's not working!

For weight loss, many people's requirements are: quick results, no rebound, no hard work. As a result, there are a variety of weight loss tools on the market, and fat shedding machine is a very common one. It is said that if you stand on the instrument and rely on the shaking of the machine, you can lose weight.

Li Fobao, a professor of orthopaedics at the first affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, said in an interview with Guangzhou Daily in 2006 that standing on a fat machine is a passive exercise and does not help much to lose weight. Because weight loss is mainly through active exercise, work in the body to promote metabolism, fat will decompose and consume energy.

And long-term violent vibration, will make lumbar, cervical joints loose, dislocation, induce intervertebral disc herniation, cervical spondylosis and other diseases. At the same time, it can also cause impact on the spine and damage it.

This kind of long-term violent vibration belongs to a kind of non-physiological exercise, which will affect gastrointestinal peristalsis and lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction. The salesman said that the fat throwing machine can help digestion and lose weight is a complete lie. eleven

two。 De-sugar electric rice cooker to reduce sugar? No sugar!

The de-sugar electric rice cooker has suddenly become an "Internet celebrity", claiming that steaming rice with it can effectively reduce the sugar content of rice by 70%, and eating two bowls of rice is not as much as a bowl of rice steamed with an ordinary electric cooker.

Chang Jingyi, technical director of the GI testing Center of the Beijing Institute of Nutrition, said in an interview with CCTV News in 2020 that there was no difference in blood sugar after the rice steamed from two electric cookers, the "sugar-free electric rice cooker" and the ordinary electric rice cooker, entered the human body. The so-called "de-sugar electric rice cooker" does not have the effect of "de-sugar" rice.

Not only can not reduce blood sugar, eating the so-called sugar-free rice blood sugar will be higher. Chang Jingyi said that in fact, the increase in blood sugar content will lag slightly, mainly because the rice steamed from the "sugar-free electric rice cooker" will taste harder, digest and absorb slowly, resulting in a continuous increase in blood sugar content. twelve

3. Does Maifan stone pot contain trace elements? Publicity gimmick!

The so-called "natural Maifan stone", "compound minerals and medicinal rocks with certain biological activity", "contains a variety of trace elements", "non-stick pot, less oil and salt", is mostly a publicity stunt in the eyes of experts.

Wang Juan, deputy secretary general of the Capital Health, Nutrition and Food Association, said in an article in the Health Times in 2019 that Maifan stone is actually a porous stone, similar to well-known basalt, which all contain a variety of trace elements. However, no scientific research institution has clinical data to prove the efficacy of Maifan stone.

To put it more bluntly, the hot wheat rice stone pots and water cups on the Internet on the market are just a product hyped by merchants in order to meet the needs of consumers with a higher standard of living. thirteen

4. Fascia gun can thin legs? It's not working!

In recent years, fascia guns are very popular. In addition to relaxing effects, businesses also claim that they have the effects of losing weight and losing weight, but if you want to rely on fascia guns to achieve fat-burning weight loss, you may be disappointed.

Hu Yiyi, chief physician of Department of Sports Medicine and Joint surgery of Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, pointed out in a 2020 post on her hospital's official Wechat account that fascia guns can relax tense leg muscles, assist stretching to increase muscle fibers, and seem to have the effect of slimming legs for a short time. However, with the normal work of the joints, the muscles contract again, if accompanied by bad posture problems, it may aggravate the muscle tension, and the legs will soon come back. Therefore, the fascia gun does not have the function of thin legs. fourteen

5. Determination of formaldehyde by household formaldehyde detector? Most of them are uncertain.

Formaldehyde has attracted the attention of more and more people, especially after home decoration, many people are frightened. Therefore, as a convenient formaldehyde detection method, household formaldehyde detector is sought after by everyone, but is its test result really accurate?

CCTV News reported that in 2019, Shanghai market regulatory authorities announced the monitoring results of the "household formaldehyde detector": no indication error of a batch of "formaldehyde detector" products meets the technical requirements, and no batch of "formaldehyde detector" meets the requirements for repeatability under the set testing environment. In the program, Ding Zhenmin, deputy director of the material Center of the Shanghai Institute of Metrology, said: popular means that if people buy this product home and want to test their air quality, the data itself is unreliable. fifteen

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