What are the causes of headache

Abnormal blood pressure can easily cause headaches, abnormal blood pressure will cause vasoconstriction, headaches will be more frequent when cerebrov……
Abnormal blood pressure is easy to cause headache because the head is distributed with a large number of blood vessels abnormal blood pressure will cause vasoconstriction causing pain. Headaches are also more frequent when there are cerebrovascular abnormalities and the headaches are very severe. People with excessive anxiety or psychological stress will have headaches and so will endocrine instability.Headaches are generally a symptom that lasts for a long time occasionally and sometimes persistently. If you want to cure the headache you must understand the cause of the headache. Only in this way can you design a targeted treatment plan to alleviate the headache. But there are many diseases that cause headaches so what causes headaches activating food to promote blood circulation such as black fungus. Black fungus can also play the effect of detoxification blood flow is smooth headache can also be relieved activating food: usually you can eat more blood What is the cause of headache1. Abnormal blood pressure: there are also a large number of blood vessels on the head so if the body suddenly has obvious abnormal blood pressure such as high blood pressure or low blood pressure it is likely to cause headaches. Headache caused by abnormal blood pressure is usually accompanied by obvious symptoms of dizziness so it is easy to distinguish.two。 Cerebrovascular abnormalities: people with cerebrovascular diseases basically have headaches and most of the headaches caused by cerebrovascular diseases are throbbing pain

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The "master of imitation" in the field of sexual diseases: how toxic is syphilis? Four pieces of knowledge to show you
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Infect condyloma acuminatum, what symptom can you have generally? If you find these anomalies, you should pay attention to avoid.

Male condyloma acuminatum is a common sexually transmitted disease in China, which is mainly caused by unclean sexual contact infected with human papi……
In daily life some people will find some rashes on their vulvar genitalia which may be smooth or rough. Some people are a single isolated creature while others are multiple aggregates. So what is the disease when cauliflower Verrucous carcinoma is a unique highly differentiated low-grade squamous cell carcinoma which usually occurs in elderly men. The main clinical and pathological features of the lesions are very similar to warts. Common in the metatarsus can also be seen in the genitals and oral cavity. Some cases were related to HPV6 11 16 18 infection. The disease is slow and many years later the tumor can invade bone tissue.Suspect oneself infected condyloma acuminatum how to diagnose like papules occur in groups of flat reddish brown or brown papules in the vulva of both men and women and are more common in sexually active people under the age of 40. It is also related to HPV infection and some patients are associated with condyloma acuminatum. Histologically similar to Bowen's disease the clinical process shows a benign process.Squamous cell carcinoma is more common in the elderly and has no history of unclean sexual contact. The skin lesions are hyperplastic plaques or nodules prone to ulcers and infiltrating the base. Histopathological examination showed obvious atypia and disordered arrangement of squamous cells

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