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Heart disease, nail prophet? If the fingernail has four characteristics, or the "alarm" issued by the heart

Under normal circumstances, fingernails are ruddy and tough, nails are the external manifestation of Zang-fu organs and qi and blood, the shape and co……
What changes in fingernails may be heart disease fu organs and qi and blood. The shape and color of fingernails are closely related to health especially cardiovascular diseases. If you have the following abnormalities in your nails you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible for a heart-related examination purple nails need to be distinguished from Raynaud syndrome. Due to the large range of mood swings and living in cold areas the fingers and toes are pale and purple which turn into flushing in a short time and the harm caused by not being treated is very serious.2. Toenails become brittleThe toenails are far away from the heart and the capillaries under the nail bed need an adequate supply of blood and oxygen to make the nails grow better. Once the blood flow is restricted the growth rate of toenails slows down and the color and texture of toenails and nail beds change. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine blood flow requires enough heart qi and blood nourishment and at the same time to ensure that the pulse is unobstructed. According to modern medicine fingernails become brittle and grow slowly which is due to insufficient blood supply caused by peripheral artery stenosis. over a long period of time the arteries are prone to severe blockage resulting in heart disease. TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment mainly to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis and replenish qi and blood combined with scraping acupuncture and moxibustion to recuperate.3. Clubbing fingerThe clubbing finger is characterized by proliferation and hypertrophy at the bottom of the fingers or toes

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National Hypertension Day | what about blood pressure "high above"? Drug treatment and lifestyle improvement are indispensable.

Active lifestyle improvement and drug therapy are indispensable, especially for patients whose blood pressure is still not satisfied after multi-drug ……
Zhao Shumei said that most young and middle-aged people suffering from hypertension have the characteristics of concealment and there are often no obvious symptoms in the early stage. During physical examination or accidental measurement it is found that some patients are busy with work and neglect health management and do not have enough understanding of the harm of hypertension. You don't need treatment if you think it's asymptomatic. In addition even patients who receive drug treatment often do not adhere to it for a long time because they are overly worried about adverse drug reactions resulting in low awareness and treatment rate of hypertension in young and middle-aged people.Yan Xiaowei chief physician of the department of cardiology at Peking Union Medical College Hospital said that for patients with hypertension stroke and coronary heart disease will be reduced by about 38% and 16% respectively within 3 to 5 years after a 10 to 6 mm drop in systolic blood pressure or 5 to 6 mm 20mmHg in diastolic blood pressure in the treatment strategy of hypertension active lifestyle improvement and drug treatment are indispensable." Yan Xiaowei said that patients with high blood pressure should appropriately increase their activity increase calorie consumption and control their body mass index. In addition we should eat more foods rich in vitamins and cellulose such as vegetables and fruits reduce the intake of high The picture shows the medical staff of the Department of Cardiology of Peking Union Medical College Hospital discussing the condition. (pictures provided by Peking Union Medical College Hospital fat and high Mr. Zhou a 42-year-old employee of an advertising agency suffered from sudden dizziness in recent days when he was "accidentally" found to have high blood pressure during a hospital examination. Then Mr. Zhou began to take antihypertensive drugs

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The latest release! The diagnostic threshold of hypertension in China is lowered, or more people are diagnosed with hypertension.

Intervention and treatment should be carried out as soon as possible after the diagnosis of hypertension to stabilize the blood pressure and avoid com……
Hypertension is divided into essential hypertension and secondary hypertension the latter as its name implies hypertension is caused by other diseases renal substantive disease aortic stenosis protoaldoxis pheochromocytoma and other diseases as well as some drugs can lead to hypertension. The specific cause of essential hypertension is not clear more than 90% of patients with hypertension belong to this type threatening.In addition life conditioning is also an essential part of the treatment of hypertension. The new guidelines recommend diet intervention exercise intervention decompression intervention weight loss intervention smoking and alcohol restriction and comprehensive lifestyle intervention for all patients with high blood pressure Diagnosis of hypertension can be based on home blood pressure monitoring clinic blood pressure measurement and 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. the new guidelines recommend giving priority to 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring but if high blood pressure data such as sphygmomanometer are used at home you should also go to the hospital immediately to make a clear diagnosis.At present the treatment of hypertension is mainly drug treatment and specific drugs need to be individualized by professional doctors according to the physical conditions of patients. In the course of treatment

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Do you know how much blood pressure is considered hypertension? How to measure blood pressure correctly?

Hypertension is one of the most common chronic diseases. "at present, there are more than 300 million patients with hypertension in China. What m……
mmHg (mm Hg) or diastolic blood pressure (low pressure) ≥ 90 mmHg (mm Hg) are measured three times in the same day without antihypertensive drugs. The blood pressure was measured continuously in the family for 5-7 days and the average blood pressure ≥ 135 + 85 mmHg (mm Hg) could be diagnosed as hypertension Cai Jun director of the Hypertension Center of Fuwai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences: to measure blood pressure we require a rest of 5 to 10 minutes in a quiet state for blood pressure measurement. In addition do not do strenuous exercise drink coffee mood swings or excitement for half an hour before measuring blood pressure.Is there no harm if there are no symptoms of hypertension The symptoms of hypertension vary from person to person and most patients with early hypertension do not have any symptoms or the symptoms are not obvious. Therefore some patients think that if there are no symptoms there is no need for treatment is that so?Medical staff suggest that elevated blood pressure can lead to headaches dizziness distension and other uncomfortable symptoms but most patients with high blood pressure will not have obvious symptoms in the early stage so they may not be able to know that they have high blood pressure without blood pressure measurements. However the absence of symptoms of hypertension does not mean that there is no harm Hypertension refers to the phenomenon that the pressure on the blood vessel wall is higher than normal when the blood of the human body flows in the blood vessels. Hypertension is often called the silent killer

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