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The old man's heart and blood vessels grow "stone". The doctor dredges the broken "stone" in the air.

Wuhan, February 10 / PRNewswire-FirstCall-Asianet / (LV Hui Song Meng) A 69-year-old patient with circular growth of many blood vessels on the heart v……
vessel disease of the heart. His health went from bad to worse as his illness continued to progress. The latest examination results show that the three major blood vessels of the heart are seriously narrow accompanied by severe calcification blocking the blood flow is almost impossible to pass. If the blood vessels are not opened as soon as possible myocardial infarction may occur at any time According to reports with age blood vessels will gradually lose elasticity and appear plaques. If calcium deposits on the blood vessel wall or plaque the blood vessel wall is like a small "stone" resulting in vascular calcification. Once a serious calcification ring is formed the blood vessels will become thinner and narrower and the blood flow will not be smooth. If not treated properly it will not only make it difficult for the balloon and stent to pass through the lesion but also make the stent unable to open fully thus increasing the operative complications and failure rate The three blood vessels of the patient's heart are more than 90% narrow and the top priority is to dredge the blood vessels but there are many "stones" in the location of vascular stenosis which can not be solved by conventional intervention. In response the expert team of Wuhan Asian Heart Hospital decided to use a new technology The patient began to show intermittent symptoms of chest pain a year ago

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