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Is it sexual misconduct if you have an STD? Nonsense! Five misconceptions about it need to be corrected.

Sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through sexual life, so a large number of people associate sexually transmitted diseases with sexual mis……

1 healthy lifestyle healthy 10An hour ago
What are the common venereal diseases? Women should be on guard against these three kinds and should not be taken lightly.

If there is a high-risk sexual life, we must pay more attention to physical abnormalities. How do women self-check whether they suffer from venereal d……

1 healthy lifestyle healthy 10An hour ago
Know about AIDS prevention, 9 pictures to know what you should know about AIDS

①, according to the data of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 3000 new cases among young students are reported every ye……

Adhere to the standardized treatment of people living with HIV / AIDS can lead a normal life, "knowing AIDS and preventing AIDS" →

China has reported 1.215 million cases of HIV infection, and the national AIDS epidemic continues to be controlled at a low epidemic level. Remarkable……

At present, this disease basically can not be cured, do a good job of these three points, effective prevention

What symptoms will there be in the early stage of AIDS? It is a sexually transmitted disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), followed by……

AIDS is not far away from us! In the face of AIDS, you need to know this.

According to the "2021 Research on AIDS-related knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of College students in six Chinese cities" published by ①……

About AIDS, you must know this!

AIDS is a serious infectious disease with great harm and high mortality. at present, it is incurable. No vaccine to prevent infection with HIV will ha……

Uncle Xi refutes the rumor in the last wave: it's all practical information about male problems. Get in the car.

Recently, some rumors about men's health have been refuted several times, and it is estimated that many people think that the birth of a child is also……

The first look at EAU23-an overview of popular drugs in andrology

1. Effects of long-term testosterone therapy on quality of life and lower urinary tract symptoms in men with functional hypogonadism Effects of long-t……
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